Cookie Policy

1. What are cookies?

At BeyondStyle, we use cookies—a type of small data file—to enhance your experience by learning how you use our website. These help us improve our content and design for better service.
You can easily modify your cookie settings. Just check the 'How to manage your cookie preferences' section below for guidance on opting out of personalized ads and adjusting cookie preferences. Keep in mind, changing cookie settings might affect site functionality and limit access to certain features.

At BeyondStyle, we make use of various types of cookies to enhance your browsing and shopping experience:

  • 1. Session Cookies: These are temporary and disappear once you close your browser or app.
  • 2. Permanent Cookies: These stay on your device until you either manually delete them or they reach their expiry date.
  • 3. First-Party Cookies: Set directly by our site when you visit BeyondStyle.
  • 4. Third-Party Cookies: Placed by external sites that have elements embedded in our website.
  • 5. Similar Techniques: Methods that store information in your browser or on your device akin to cookies.

If you do not want us to store cookies on your device, you have the ability to block the use of cookies by changing a setting in your web browser. Please visit your browser's website for information on how to do this. However, if you choose to disable cookies, parts of the site may not work.

2. How to manage your cookie preferences?

You can manage your cookie settings directly on our Site through the 'Cookie Settings' link found on most pages. To opt out, we place an opt-out cookie in your browser.
Through browser settings, you can block or delete all or some cookies. Detailed instructions can be found in the 'Help' section of your browser or at www.allaboutcookies.org.
For device settings, you may need to adjust each device individually to manage cookie preferences across all devices.
To opt out of third-party advertising cookies, visit the respective choice pages such as Digital Advertising Alliance's (optout.aboutads.info) or Network Advertising Initiative’s (optout.networkadvertising.org).

Most internet browsers allow you to delete cookies, block them or to prompt you before a cookie is set. Depending on which internet browser you use, you can find functions and information on how to configure how your browser processes cookies in the browser settings. Below you can find instructions on how to delete cookies in the most common browsers.

You can control third-party cookies directly on the respective third party's page, as detailed on the 'What about third party cookies?' section.

Effective from 30 April 2024.

3. What about third party cookies?

On BeyondStyle, third-party entities such as advertising networks and external service providers may place cookies on your device. These cookies are utilized by these third parties to offer services to us, which include analytics, performance monitoring, and tailored advertising. They might use their cookies to display ads tailored to your previous visits on BeyondStyle, showing you products that align with your interests and past interactions on our site, along with other items that might interest you based on your browsing habits. This approach aims to make advertisements as relevant and beneficial to you as possible.
Please be aware that BeyondStyle does not manage these third-party cookies. The responsibility to set your preferences for these third-party cookies lies with you, based on your personal targeting and tracking preferences.
Below we have listed the third parties that place cookies on the BeyondStyle Platforms, along with the purpose for which the cookies are used. For further information on these third-party cookies and how to opt-out, please see the third-party links provided.

Cookie NameDomainCookie UseExpirationOpt-Out Links
_ga.beyondstyle.usUsed to distinguish users.2 yearOpt-out
_ga_*.beyondstyle.usUsed to persist session state.2 yearOpt-out
_gat.beyondstyle.usUsed to limit the rate of data requests to Google Analytics.1 minuteOpt-out
_gac_*.beyondstyle.usUsed by Google Analytics and contains the unique identity number of the account or website it relates to.90 daysOpt-out
__gads.beyondstyle.usUsed for ad measurement and frequency capping1 yearOpt-out
_fbp.beyondstyle.usFacebook advertising/tracking, provides unique user id90 daysOpt-out
IDE.doubleclick.netUsed by Google for ad measuring and targeting1 yearOpt-out
RUL.doubleclick.netUsed by Google to determine whether website advertisement has been properly displayed.1 yearOpt-out
DSID.doubleclick.netUsed by Google to identify a signed-in user on non-Google sites and to remember whether the user has agreed to ad personalization.2 weeksOpt-out
test_cookie.doubleclick.netto test if your browser supports cookiesa few secondsOpt-out
NID.google.comUnique ID to remember your preferences1 yearOpt-out
_pinterest_cm.pinterest.comAllows photo sharing via Pinterest, collects usage information1 yearOpt-out
_pinterest_ct_rt.ct.pinterest.com/Contains a user ID and cookie creation timestamp1 yearOpt-out
_pinterest_ct_ua.ct.pinterest.comPlaced by the Pinterest Tag, contains a unique UUID1 yearOpt-out
_pinterest_sess.pinterest.comAllows photo sharing via Pinterest, collects usage information1 yearOpt-out
SSID.google.comStores information about user's website use and ads seen before visiting6 monthsOpt-out
HSID.google.comDoubleClick cookie that profiles visitor interests for ads on other sites1 yearOpt-out
SAPISID.google.comUsed by advertising partners to profile interests and show relevant ads2 yearsOpt-out
DV.google.comAd delivery or retargeting2 yearsOpt-out
1P_JAR.google.comCollects info on visitor behaviour to optimize ad relevance1 yearOpt-out
AEC.google.comEnsures browsing session requests are made by the user6 monthsOpt-out